Scraps breakdown faster & boost soil health

Pickling speeds up the breakdown of food scraps up to 1.5 times faster in your home compost!

Pickled food scraps act like a 'compost activator' enabling your compost to heat up very quickly.

Pickled food scraps also act like a probiotic for compost and/or soil which support a healthy soil and plant system.

All food scraps acceptable

Compost ALL food scraps, including raw and cooked meat, seafood, bones, rice, bread, citrus, onion skins etc. Just keep out mouldy and liquid based foods. 

No nasty smells

Think sauerkraut, kimchi or sweet and sour pickle smells instead.

No nasty pests

Pickled food scraps + an airtight bucket means insects and rodents won’t come a-knockin’

No greenhouse gases emitted

Unlike CO2 and methane emissions when food breaks down in landfill, pickling doesn’t emit either gas.

Cut down on general rubbish

Food accounts for over 1/3 to nearly 1/2 of our general rubbish. 

Pickling food scraps enables ALL food scraps to be removed from landfill and helps keep less 'rubbish' out of landfill as you're not taking your rubbish out as much.

In the long run this also helps you use less rubbish bags and saves you $$.

No garden space required

A pickling bucket can be kept indoors under the kitchen sink, in the garage, laundry or balcony.

If you don't have a garden or a compost bin, finished Bokashi / Pickled solid can be buried in a 'soil factory', plant pots etc. or donated to a ShareWaste host or processed by a local compost collect service.