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Pickled Compost

Pickled Composting Flakes

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The Pickled Composting Flakes contain effective microbes (EM-1) that bokashi or ‘pickle’ food material. 

Just add 1-2 tablespoons each time you add a layer of scraps to start or ramp up the pickling process!  The pickling process increases the acidity of your food while producing a sweet vinegar odour; deterring any pests that normally hang around in a regular compost system.

If used every day:

SMALL (75g) lasts approx. 1 month.

LARGE (190g) lasts approx. 2 months.

Customer Reviews

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Ellen Rodda
Bokashi made simple !

Love Lydia's streamlined approach to Bokashi.
Simple and mess free. Really recommend one of her short workshops on how to use Bokashi and recommend contacting her to join a Bokashi workshop. I now feel like I am not feeding rats and actually composting food scraps! And it is all smell free! Thanks Lydia. Keep up the good mahi.

Soil Saviour

I've been using Pickled bokashi flakes for nearly a year and the improvement in my soil is amazing. Well I didn't have any soil initially, I live on a sand dune! So to have worm filled, vege growing soil is a miracle.
Perfect for a family as I don't have to be so strict on monitoring what goes into the compost bucket.

Anne Dodds
Fantastic bokashi

Awesome product highly recommend. I trench bury it in the garden, and have used it in my big pots
to improve potting mix. Veges grow so well.

Vivienne Fenwick

Excellent product! I highly recommend Bukashi flakes made by Pickled. I was a bit lazy when it came to composting but after trialling this for a few weeks I’m now a convert - it’s uber easy, cost-effective and I love the zero-waste element. Lydia has educated me on how nourishing the compost is for the soil which in turn is nourishing for us. A totally “feel great” initiative.


Homemade EM (effective microbes), coffee chaff, water, and organic molasses.


75 grams

Care Instructions

Store sealed in a dry cool place.

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